by Kevin Mann + Adam Battaglia



- Find inspiration and ideal medium / size for the art.

- Create 10-12 pieces that inspire us as well as viewers and collectors alike.

- Write brief yet fun artist bio's.  

- Settle on a deadline for 10-12 pieces. December 1st? Which is 87 days away. Just less than 3 months. Use December to sell a piece or two? 

- Partner with gallery for a show in the new year. Put effort into the execution and layout of the gallery experience. Make it 100% "us" and make it something people will remember and appreciate. Settle on a date, say, Valentine's 2019?

- Consider price points ( $5k? $7k? $10k?) and gallery splits. Gallery prob takes 40-50% for marketing costs. We split the remaining 50%. Up for further discussion...


Fuck tons of random images. I can put a better gallery together but this gets us going...